Website Design


Behuman Services feels proud to produce some of the best websites for its clients from various parts of the globe. Not only an eye-catching design, but they have exceptionally good functionalities that make the websites extremely happening on the Internet. These website become unique also because they are designed and developed by our professionals for we do not use templates.

Knowledge, skill, and expertise are the three pillars of our website design department. Most of our designers are versatile by their skills. Most of our existing clients are entirely satisfied with the skills and dedication level of the designers that are working with us. Their preparedness for learning more is praiseworthy, and that is why they are capable of meeting the standards that the clients look for from us. All the members of our design team have an in-depth knowledge of various tools, programs, and software. Following are some of them that they have been working for:-

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • Photoshop
  • Dream Weaver
  • Illustrator, and
  • Many more


Salient features of the websites and apps designed by us at Behuman Services

Simple yet engaging: We believe in keeping things simple yet extraordinarily eye-catching. Our belief gets reflected with every website that we design and deliver to our clients.
SEO-friendly: We understand how important is keeping websites SEO-friendly as most of the businesses go for SEO services.
Cost-effective: We make business website cost effective so that every business owner can afford them to launch their business on the global platform.


User-friendly: Most of the websites designed and developed by us come with an easy and user-friendly interface that help every visitor use them whenever they need the services.


Cross device accessibility: This is the age of mobile technology, and we cannot overlook this at all. We put the websites on the mobile domain so that users of all types of wireless devices can reach them when needed. The expertise in HTML5 has brought us great success over the years.

Logo Design


At Behuman Services, we believe that logo is the most important tool that creates a brand and corporate identity. There are thousands of companies that are known and identified with the help of their logos. They are believed to be one of the most important assets for the company owners. We claim that we have a rare expertise in creating and delivering the best logo that reflect the corporate ethics in the most attractive manner.

We have the most experienced graphic designers who are capable of creating logos without using any logo generating software. The average experience of the team is 3+ years, and that is really a fantastic thing to have. They have a total command over Photoshop and Illustrator, the tools/ programs that are mainly used for designing high-quality logos.


Why Hiring the Best Graphic Designers at Behuman Services:-

  • Great professional skill
  • Excellent corporate logos to set the global identity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Ability to create logos without using an automated logo generator
  • Willingness to take work load and to deliver on time

Website Development


Behuman Services never segregates website design from development. The reason behind this is very simple. A website gets the full shape and grace only when it is designed well as it developed accordingly to meet the clients’ business requirements. A website with no development process is actually half done, and it seldom brings the desired outcome.

Behuman Services has a professionally expert team of website developers who can make all the difference to the business prospects of the business owners. We have a team of highly-skilled developers who have proven their skills while working on the numerous projects. The average experience level of the team is 3+ years, and it clearly suggests that they possess the knowledge, skill, and versatility to meet the business requirements. Moreover, our developers keep on updating themselves as the web technology has been changing rapidly, and that makes a greater impact on the web development processes as well.

Our developers have an in-depth knowledge in various platforms, software, and development tools. They have proved their expertise in various platforms including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. Most of our developers have total command over various development tool, programs, software, and platforms, including the following:-

  • PHP
  • net
  • LAMP
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Codeignitor
  • Ruby on Rails


Behuman Services has set a trend in modern business world, depending on a few very strong business ethics. Following features of our website development services have brought us a recognition among our clients from all parts of the world:-

  • Web design service that can be customized as per the need of the business
  • Ability to bring fully functional website solution
  • Reasonably good and reliable usability
  • Scalability, uniqueness, and productive development procedure
  • Website that runs longer without any technical worries
  • User friendliness
  • Friendliness to the Search engine
  • Inexpensive and Cost effectiveness Website
  • 24*7 customer and technical support

E-commerce Solutions


The success of online shopping stores has been due to the excellent facilities brought to them with E-commerce development. The increasing demand of these online stores has given rise to the demand of these services. Behuman Services promises to bring the clients the best e-commerce portals that are perfect to suit their business requirements. Our services are based on the requirements of the clients. We follow a stringent model and budget that suit the needs of the clients as well.

Our e-commerce developers have been extremely efficient in working on a large number of open source e-commerce platform that include the following:-

  • Magento
  • Zencart
  • Opencart
  • WordPress
  • OsCommerce,
  • Shopify
  • X-cart, and many more.


Our team of skilled e-commerce developers are aware of the increasing complexities of the various e-commerce platforms, so they show a unique readiness to update themselves. With more than 3 years of average experience, the team is all set to take responsibilities that our clients would bring us to. The team is dedicated to meet the expectations of the clients.


Services available under E-commerce Development are as follows:-

  1. E-commerce Cart Development
  2.  Web Development & Customization
  3. Payment Gateway Integration
  4.  Custom E-commerce Website Design
  5. Online Shopping Website Design & Development
  6. Responsive ecommerce Websites
  7. E-commerce Application Development
  8. Plug-in & Module Development
  9. Maintenance and Support
  10. Shopping Cart Development

Content Management System


Technically, a Content Management System (CMS) is an application which the users put into practice to publish, edit, and modify content used in a website. This is extremely useful in the organization, managing, and deleting along with maintenance from a central position, usually handled by the Content Managers. At Behuman Services, we understand how important is managing the content of the website as it plays a pivotal role in promoting the website on the search engines, especially Google.

We have some of the most knowledgeable Content Management Experts who can handle all your business requirements very well. They have got the expertise in using the best content management systems that you can find very useful for you as well. These content management platforms that we work with include the following:-

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • ExpressEngine
  • Magento
  • RadiantCMS
  • SilverStripe, and many more.


Our service in Content Management System is dedicated to the companies that want to update the content of their website on a regular basis without creating complications of any kind. This is also helpful for those business owners who have no or little technical knowledge of writing for the websites and search engine promotions. The top CMSs also allow the users to add, delete or modify unlimited number of pages as per the needs of the individual users. To help you get these advantages of the best CMS platforms, our professionals are ready with their knowledge, skills, and experience.

Responsive Site Development


Having a mobile-friendly website is the need of hour, as the number of mobile devices of all kinds is increasing as never before. Our experts at Behuman Services believe if you do not have the mobile version of your website, then you are losing something substantial. This you cannot do, as the probabilities of further increase in the number are very high. In such a situation, we have brought the best services of responsive site development to our distinguished clients.


What is Responsive Website all about?

Responsive website is a dynamic form of website that performs well on all types of devices, both wired and wireless. The visibility of the website does not get affected due to size or resolution of the screen of the device. The users of desktops, laptops, Smartphones, Androids, and iPhones can have the best displays on their devices. Usually, responsive web designs are created with HTML, HTML5, and CSS. The codes help the website to resize itself by shrinking or expanding according to the size and resolution of your device. With this development procedure, the entire website, including the texts, images, graphics, and all other components are optimized to fit the size and resolution of the screens.

With increasing influence of handheld devices, modern business owners are looking for mobile versions of their websites. Behuman Services has been here to provide you and your business the right solution for all your business needs. With such a solution, you can increase traffic to your website quite substantially as people can do that even when they are on the move. Wish to get accessed from everywhere? If so, then this is the time for you to get in touch with us, right here.

Software Testing


In this world of modern scientific developments, the Internet has been playing a very significant role. It provides a great opportunity to businesses to launch their software. Before launching them, they need to be tested thoroughly. Software testing is a process that investigates the quality and functionalities of the software under test. It can provide a good insight of the objective and allow the testers to provide their independent view of the software mentioning the quality and drawbacks. It also suggests the various risks of implementing the software.

Quite naturally, this team of Quality Assurance and Testing services shoulders maximum responsibility. The software testing team at Behuman Services know what their responsibilities are, and are aware of how to discharge them. This team works in close coordination with other teams. Their role is extremely important for us before we deliver the end products to our clients. Our testers have the deepest knowledge about various technologies and platforms that are used for testing software and apps.


Behuman Services offers testing for the following:-

  1. Configuration Testing
  2. Compatibility Testing
  3. Load Testing
  4. Mobile Testing
  5. Usability Testing
  6. Acceptance Testing
  7. Integration Testing
  8. Automation Testing
  9. Platform Testing
  10. QA Process Design


At Elagoon Digital, we put the right as well as the best efforts to test the software that is brought to us. We always maintain quality and standard, and that is why we are experiencing a sharp change in our business processes.